And here comes another great review for «You Bad Monkey!»

YES!! It’s time for another review! If I told past-me that one day I would be getting game reviews on media I would have told myself to go get some fresh air! But, indeed, it’s happening thanks to the folks at Daikon Media.  It really brings a smile to read things like this quote:

«It’s not only carefree, it’s bugfree, runs very smooth and proves that the developers know their stuff – in every aspect.»

A lot of hard work, love and passion has been poured into this project and reading things like this really makes it all worth it. They also provided some great feedback that will keep in mind for the next major update. But I hate spoilers, both ways! So I’ll urge you to head to Daikon’s review, just click on this link:

If you haven’t already, please download «You Bad Monkey»

I would like to take the time to thank Daikon Media once again, if you haven’t heard about them they are a Digital Content Freelancer Studio from Leipzig, Germany. You can find them here.

And last, but not least, I would like to thank their partners  and